XK8 Condenser

An XK8 Condenser is a very effective device that can help prevent the premature emission of gases in the gas furnace. The XK Condenser is the best solution for those who have their gas furnaces running under industrial temperatures and high working pressures, even if the furnace is not on. At these temperatures the air can get quite hot and can burn up if it comes in contact with the surface of the furnace. Because of this there are very high chances of the furnace walls overheating and melting down and leaking out the dangerous fumes that have been trapped inside the furnace for a long time.

In such cases where the furnace has to run at a high temperature for a long time and is also operating at very high pressure or at high temperatures that cause sparks to fly out, the XK Condenser acts as a safety device. The condenser helps reduce the risk of burns and other serious accidents like fires and also ensures that the gas is being vented out. It even works at reducing the exhaust gases’ harmful gasses and can be connected to the back of the furnace to remove the steam from the burning gas.

Because the XK Condenser is an automated device the operation is done automatically. Hence the safety of the people in the room who are working on the furnace is not compromised. With this type of appliance you can be sure that the safety of your furnace is of highest priority, as it is always the responsibility of the owner to make sure that the furnace is functioning safely.