Woodworking – Condenser Duty

Condenser duty can be the most time consuming part of your DIY woodworking projects. But it’s one of the most important parts of finishing your work. You need to make sure you are using the right amount of material to accomplish this job correctly. This may seem obvious, but just because you made a project by hand doesn’t mean you’re getting the right amount of material. If you’re making a table from scratch, you should measure all your material in advance to be sure you have enough for your needs. There is also a good chance that you can find more than what you need in your local supplies, or even order it from the internet.

condenser duty

For smaller, table-top, and other table-to-piece projects, you’re better off cutting out a few pieces of material. It’s easier to remove excess material from one side, then trying to do it with two different tools. Make sure that you get a few well-sized bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons from your local supply store, or online. Most of these items are cut from the same size material so they’ll fit around the edges and into place easily.

On the other hand, when you’re tackling larger projects such as tables and cabinets, or even architectural projects, condenser duty requires you to take it up a notch. This means more than just measuring, it means measuring a few more times to be sure you’re using the right amount of material. Take note of the size of the bowl and the spoon that you plan on using, and cut these two items a few inches bigger than the ones you were measuring earlier. As you go along, just make sure you’re taking into account your tools so you don’t over- or under-cut your project. Measure twice, cut once!