Why Does the Condenser in Microscope Not Fit?

Some think that the condenser in the microscope has to be the only one in the microscope. This is because it has the ability to turn the electricity into gas. The process of condensing the electricity into gas is called as a gas-phase condenser.

condenser in microscope

Although there are condensers, not all condensers can be placed in the microscope. Sometimes the condenser will not fit in the microscope. And if the condenser does not fit in the microscope, then the condenser will not function. One of the two things must be the cause for this. If the condenser is dirty or damaged, then this will be the cause of the trouble. If the condenser is in good condition, then the condenser will work fine in the microscope.

A condenser that cannot be put in the microscope can be cleaned by using a household cleaner on it. It is advisable to use the non-corrosive cleaner. The other reason for the condenser not being able to be placed in the microscope is if the condenser uses electrical energy to run its operation. The condenser is unable to function if this happens. You have to make sure that you do not place any electrical appliance near the condenser in the microscope. The other reason why the condenser cannot be placed in the microscope is if it has been plugged into the electric power supply at one time. This happens when the condenser has been previously used and will no longer function.