Why Does My Furnace Keep Blowing Fuses?

If your furnace keeps blowing fuses it may be a sign that your entire furnace is in need of repair. As you probably know, a furnace starts by starting with three wires in series. The first and second wires are connected to the thermostat. The third wire goes to the fuse box. When the fuses go off it will cause the thermostat to jump up an internal change of voltage.

Once the thermostat sees the fuse goes off it stops functioning properly. This can cause the entire system to shut down. If this happens you will need to find out what type of fuse was blown. If the fuse blew because of a bad circuit board the replacement can be soldered in place. If the fuse blew because of a bad connection, the replacement will require cutting the connection.

After you have identified the type of fuse was blown you need to check the coil area to make sure all the fuses are there. In some cases a small part of the outlet will need to be replaced because the wiring is damaged. Sometimes the fuse box will need to be resoldered. After you have completed the repairs to the main unit, you need to check the fuse box to make sure there are no fuses left. If you are able to find any remaining fuses you should cut them off. Before you do this you want to make sure the connections are secure so they don’t blow out on their own.