What to Do If Your Condenser Fan Runs in Reverse

If you have ever turned your condenser fan on to test it, you may have noticed that it starts running backwards. While it is possible for a malfunctioning fan to start in the reverse direction, the reason that it does is usually because of a broken or missing cable that is attached to the fan motor. When a cable is disconnected from a motor, it can cause it to operate in reverse. There are a few different ways to repair this issue, including replacing the faulty cable and possibly replacing the fan motor itself.

If you discover that your condenser fan is working in reverse, it is best to first stop the fan and then open the door of the enclosure to check the cable connections. If you find that the cable connection is bad, it may be possible to replace it. Be sure to use the proper type of cable connection to ensure that you do not damage your fan motor by using the wrong type of cable. Be sure to mark the connection for future reference. After you have replaced the cable, the next step is to test the fan again to make sure that it works correctly.

Another way to tell if your condenser fan is causing your system to run backwards is to look at the temperature sensor. If it is a faulty sensor, it will be difficult to determine why it is in the “off” position. To check the sensor, remove the cover and look for any sign of voltage. If the sensor is damaged, it could cause the fan to turn off, but a faulty sensor will not turn off when the fan is running. If the temperature sensor is in working order, you can test the power, or “on” position, to make sure that the system is working correctly.