What Is the Condenser En Anglais?

The condenser en Anglais (French for “windlass”) is one of the oldest devices used for circulating the air through an engine. A Frenchman named Roger de Cordemal and his son, Roger de Cordemac, found themselves faced with a problem after they made the transition to the steam engine. If the windlass had not been installed, then the air would simply build up in the engine, increasing the fuel consumption.

The solution that was found by the two Cordemac brothers was the condenser en Anglais, which became the device that was used to circulate the air in steam engines. This device is extremely important because it helps the engine to run at a constant speed, thereby reducing the fuel consumption considerably. Today, almost all steam-engine manufacturers use the same mechanism. The air in the engine is first drawn through a ventilator that allows for easy inhalation and exhalation. When the engine is hot, the air is drawn back through a blower which heats it and passes it through a coil. This coil draws the air through the coil and a fan which blows it out.

The condenser en Anglais is a very important device because it ensures that the air that is drawn through the coil is completely clean and uncontaminated by any debris that can be blown around in the engine. If you are interested in purchasing this device, you may want to consider ordering from a reputable company. There are many excellent manufacturers online and they will be able to give you a good quality device at the best possible price.