What is a Condensing Unit in ahu?

The Condensing Unit in ahu (also known as the heat exchanger unit) is a refrigerant that moves between the air and water inside of an HVAC system. The condenser is usually installed in the attic and serves to remove heat from the air as it is passed through the condenser coil and out into the air flow ducts.

The condenser takes the excess heat from the air entering the HVAC system and converts it into a low pressure refrigerant, which is then passed through a series of tubes that move a high pressure stream of air through the condensing unit in ahu. In order to prevent air being trapped in the system, the pressure on the high pressure air stream is reduced, and the pressure inside the air ducts and other areas of the HVAC system is reduced as well. Once all of this happens, the system begins to cool the system down. At times, the HVAC system will operate for several hours at a time, but this is usually dependent on the size of the system, and how the system is set up.

Most of the time, when you think of an HVAC system it’s because of a heating system. However, a few systems are also used to provide cooling. The condensing unit in ahu is no exception. If the system is setup properly, it can be the best cooling system available to an HVAC system. This is mainly due to the fact that the condenser will take any excess heat from the air flow and pass it through the condensing unit to create the refrigerant necessary to keep the HVAC system operating.