What Is a Condensing Unit?

The Condensing Unit, also known as the CPC or Brickell Vacuum is a unit that separates a building’s air conditioning system from the rest of the building. It is the air conditioner in the unit that breaks up the sound. Normally the piping is located in the hallways, at the base of the stairs and on the first floor. It then sends the sound into the condensing unit where it becomes sound deadening material. This material is mixed with the rest of the air entering the building for low decibels and is then distributed throughout the building.

Air conditioning systems can create a lot of noise that is a lot louder than the other sounds. These are caused by a variety of factors. This includes both external factors such as traffic, construction work and even changes in temperature. Things like industrial machinery and these machines breaking down can also cause these noises to increase. Noise reduction equipment is an excellent tool to help reduce the amount of noise in the building.

Condensing units are perfect for businesses as well as homes. They are a cost effective and easy to install solution for businesses, hospitals and schools. While they are a little more expensive than other air conditioning systems they are easier to maintain and less expensive to replace if needed. They are made to last a long time and are designed to provide optimal comfort to the occupants in the building. They are a great choice for any business that is looking to minimize its noise in their environment. You can find out more about the benefits of a condensing unit here.