What Is A Condenser Water Heater?

Condenser water heaters are also called in the industry of heating as heat pump units. These heat pumps or heaters use magnetic energy to transfer heat from water to air in a process called conduction. These water heaters convert heat energy into mechanical energy. The heat pump uses a series of inlet and outlet tubes to transfer heat energy from the water coming from the system to the atmosphere.

Some systems have two filters; these are considered filters of the evaporator and condenser. One can buy one single filter or multiple filters for instance one single filter and two separate condenser water heaters and one single filter and four separate condenser water heaters. There are also condenser and evaporator air flow systems, which is used in residential homes. There are also free-flowing systems where air pressure is used to help in making the pump airtight and the walls and pipes of the system are insulated. On the other hand, there are systems that use inert gas for the pump like oxygen or nitrogen. They can be used in industrial places as well.

There are heaters that are used during the winter and on cold days. The advantages of using a condenser unit is that it saves energy and it is also more energy efficient than the other heaters. In case the system is exposed to direct sunlight, then it may wear out easily. With this reason, it is advised to install this kind of system at the point of access to water.