What Causes Evaporator A Coils to Melt?

evaporator a coils

What Causes Evaporator A Coils to Melt?

Any time that the motor of your home air conditioner is overheating, the evaporator coil inside will begin to develop moisture. Water build up in the coils can cause a failure of the device to cool and can lead to structural damage. When the unit overheats, the generator begins to produce heat in order to cool the air in the coils. This heat can cause cracks to form in the coil walls. With this, small and large cracks in the air conditioner can occur.

With a moisture problem occurring with an air conditioner, the entire unit must be inspected and replaced with new parts. Normally, the repairs cost is relatively low. The evaporator coils need to be cleaned by removing the screws and replacing them with bolts that fit into a hole in the coils. Next, they must be reinstalled. After cleaning the coils, check for the condition of the lubricant. Depending on the condition of the liquid, it may not need to be changed. It is also recommended that the oil level be checked to ensure that it is at its optimal level.

The interior of the air conditioner should be cleaned thoroughly before the part of the problem is found. If the water has occurred in the air conditioner’s exterior, you may want to replace the exterior of the unit as well. It will usually be possible to find the crevice that the water entered from. With the outside unit replaced, the interior will need to be cleaned again. It is usually possible to locate the crevice of the problem with this process.