What Are a Condensing Unit and Evaporating Coil?

Condensing unit and evaporator coil are two of the most important parts in your air conditioner. They function to filter the air you breath, to prevent bacteria and dust from entering into your home and to keep it warm. With such a large role, people are in search of ways on how to make them work better. There are actually several different condensing units and evaporating coils that are installed in your air conditioner. With these condensing units and evaporating coils working correctly, your home should be as cool as a summer’s day.

So, first of all, what is a condensing unit and evaporating coil? They are basically the same thing, but they have some differences. The condensing unit is usually made of plastic or metal tubing that is attached to the air conditioner unit. It holds the compressor. Air is compressed at one end of the condensing unit and then pushed into the room where it is needed. An evaporating coil is composed of plates or discs. It holds the heating element and heats the air in the room where the condensing unit is placed.

Another thing that people might not know is that condensing unit and evaporating coil must be attached in such a way that it can’t come off easily. This prevents dust from entering your home and clogging your air ducts. Also, they should be properly aligned in order to regulate the airflow in the room. If they are not aligned, they might have problems functioning. To get rid of these problems, a professional should be consulted when installing the condensing unit and evaporating coil in your air conditioner. This is because only professionals know the best way to install the condensing unit and evaporating coil for your air conditioner. Aside from this, professionals can also repair the unit in case there are problems with it.