Using a Compressor in Fridge

compressor in fridge

Using a Compressor in Fridge

Compressor in fridge coolers are a great way to store extra water for use at home. They come in many sizes and can be set up easily. There are plenty of them available at all stores that sell refrigerators. You should check out the prices of them before you buy one.

To install a compressor in the fridge you will need to remove the freezer from the fridge. First place a cushion of foam under the freezer. Remove the bolts holding it down and then lift the freezer out. Clean all the old air out of the compressor with warm soapy water. Tape the ends of the screws that hold the compressor into the fridge. Add the compressor’s water supply and close the fridge.

Now you can use the compressor in the fridge as a water dispenser. This works best when you are working with a larger amount of water. For example, one gallon at a time will hold for around thirty seconds. This will only fit in the compressor in fridge. In this case, you will also need a large water tank with a door on the top. Put the tanks in the freezer for more water. Before you leave the fridge to go to work, empty the water tank and refill it with water.