Understanding Condenser Base Pad

condenser base pad

Understanding Condenser Base Pad

The condenser base pad is made up of two parts. The first part is called the condensing coil which has three coils. These coils are arranged around the condenser body and serve as a refrigeration unit. The second part of the pad is called the coil pad and serves to maintain the coil of the refrigerant. It prevents the coil from touching any other part of the body. These two parts are separated with the help of a metallic strip, called the sleeve.

The coil pad is installed over the coil of the refrigerant to provide the required insulation. It acts as an insulator between the coil and the body. It is also responsible for dissipating heat in the body and making it conductive to the atmosphere. If it isn’t level, the refrigerant won’t function properly. This is the reason why some of the devices don’t work on a flat plate. It makes sure that the coils are arranged in a straight line.

When the coil pad is installed properly, it allows heat to flow through it. When the condenser is working properly, the heat will be dissipated out of the coil and then into the body of the refrigerant. As a result, the coil becomes cooler and keeps it from overheating the body. It also keeps the coil pad clean. Thus, the condenser works properly and efficiently.