Types of Condensing Unit Exterior Enclosures

condensing unit enclosure

Types of Condensing Unit Exterior Enclosures

While the general term “condensing unit enclosure” is used to refer to a closed system heat exchanger that includes all of the components, a condensing unit enclosure is not a closed system heat exchanger. A condensing unit is a pressure vessel that contains a metal shell with a variety of glass, fiberglass, and porcelain windows and ports in it. The outside of the unit will be coated with an inert gas such as argon or nitrogen in order to create the desired temperature. The inside of the unit is a closed system that provides air and absorbs the heat from the external environment. The most common application for this type of system is a wall space.

Although the term “condensing unit” is used for most of the unit, there are several types of enclosures used for power equipment. There is the simplest type, which is the condensing unit enclosure that includes the glass windows, as well as the glass itself. As the name implies, this type of enclosure is quite simple, because all of the work is done by the glass windows. However, the two types of enclosures that are used are the top down and bottom up enclosures. The top down enclosure works with open windows, while the bottom up unit is usually found in one piece and attached to the floor using brackets. The enclosed space will also have a door which makes it easier to gain access to the space.

A condensing unit enclosure is available for most types of power equipment. For example, for water and air heaters, the heat exchangers that are found in the unit enclosure is used. For refrigerators, other types of unit enclosures can be used as well, including the space age and non-space age enclosures. The most common of these units are the space age enclosure, but it is also found in some homes, but not the typical residential application.