Types of Condenser Boilers

In a typical four-barrel gas boiler, the heating fuel is mixed with air and heated to produce the heat. A condenser is built around the boiler, but doesn’t provide any hot water, so a secondary burner is needed to feed hot water into the main boiler. The working of a condenser heat pump is similar, as it gives off cold water that’s cooled by the boiler water, and the cold water goes through the condenser tank. The condenser heat pumps were the most common type of heating pumps until new ways of using them became available.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is used to power the compressing pistons in the compressors of today’s heat pumps. The mechanical compression of compressed gas produces heat energy, and this is transferred into electrical energy. Electricity is very useful in the home, because it’s widely available and it’s cheap. The electric motor of today’s heat pumps can be fully automated with a variety of controls.

Some applications for the heat pumps today are the control of air conditioning and refrigeration. As they have become more popular in the US, there has been increasing competition for sales from the larger manufacturers, and some units have gone out of production. Thus, it may not be profitable to buy one of these expensive heat pumps today. Some companies offer guaranteed parts, which make them attractive to the new builders. The replacement costs of a heat pump is very low, and you can choose to buy it in standard size or customized units for the home. Even though it may be less expensive to buy a ready-made unit, you will need to install it on your own.