Too Much Voltage at Condensing Unit Can Lead to Disaster

To your puzzlement you learn that one of your condensing units is providing too much voltage at condensing unit. You are concerned that this could cause damage to the condensing unit or even an explosion in the heat exchanger. But before you get all upset you need to be aware of what the dangers of a huge voltage at condensing unit are.

The first thing you need to know is that excess voltage at condensing unit doesn’t always mean it is too much voltage. The condensing unit may be over supplied due to a fault with the system. This could be for instance the condensing unit piping. If you have air-conditioning repair work that you are doing, and it has required extra piping it could be that this excess piping is causing excess voltage at condensing unit. So don’t panic unless you hear loud explosions. Don’t worry that it might lead to an explosion because it probably will not.

If you do hear an explosion, you should call for help immediately because excess voltage at condensing unit could result in damage to your condensing unit or damage to your heat exchanger. Also, if you have the power shut off to the condensing unit as a precaution then you would have known that excess voltage at condensing unit was to be expected. So please learn what a huge voltage at condensing unit is, what is meant by overheating the condensing unit and what is the dangerous situation it might lead to.