Kolpak Condensing Units

Condensing units are used to extract hot water from a source of natural gas or oil. These units are used in both industrial and residential uses. The heat that is extracted is then distributed back into the water supply as the water temperature is kept at a constant. There are several types of this heating unit and they are known as kolpak condensing units. These heating systems have two compartments within the unit. The first compartment holds the water and the second compartment are the heat exchanger where the gas is supplied.

kolpak condensing unit

The heat exchanger has four parts that are very important. It has the evaporator coil, the heat exchange pump, the heat exchanger base. The base is a place where the pump and the boiler are. This enables the water in the tank to be circulated into the air without leaving any water behind. There are other benefits as well such as the fact that the units are very energy efficient as they do not use any electricity to operate.

There are two types of kolpak condensing units. One is known as the water boilers and the other is known as the condenser boilers. Both types are completely different. Water boilers use gas to produce heat and this is the same as the steam boiler. They are suitable for heating and cooling homes and commercial buildings. On the other hand, condensing boilers can be used to heat the water but they do not create enough steam to supply the buildings and homes with sufficient hot water. On top of that, the condensing boilers have a higher efficiency as compared to the water boilers.