Is Compressor Urethrae Better?

For many years, engine manufacturers have been trying to improve the performance of their compressors by means of replacing the impeller with a high-grade piece of plastic known as a compressor urethrae. The primary function of this new piece of plastic is to help reduce noise, vibration and heat that are created by the impeller. But is it worth the added cost of having to replace your existing compressor?

In my opinion, yes, because the cost of purchasing a new compressor urethrae is much less than what it would cost to purchase an entirely new compressor. It also does not take too long to install or even to purchase. Once installed, it is very easy to disconnect and relocate. And there are even some companies that sell brand new compressor urethrae which come equipped with bypass valves, allowing for the best possible compression of your oil during operation.

So if you were thinking about going out and purchasing a new compressor urethrae, maybe take a few moments to consider whether or not this might be a better option for you and your engine. You may be pleasantly surprised. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. Remember, it is important to always make certain that the owner’s manual is followed properly, including filling out all the necessary information. With just a little extra research, you may find yourself in a perfect position to purchase your own compressor urethrae.