How to Use a Furnace Journal

A furnace journal is a list of the results of various checks performed by your furnace technician. The device can also tell you whether the meter reading is actually a record of a working furnace or if it is simply a reading because the cycle has been stopped. Once a cycle has been stopped, the list is destroyed and cannot be retrieved. There are many times when the only way to determine whether a unit is in the middle of a cycle or not is to read the furnace journal. This is a good way to make sure the furnace is still producing the air that is needed for the living space that it serves.

furnace journal

It is recommended that you periodically perform maintenance checks on your heating system. Check with your local Department of Energy office for the appropriate testing procedures. Certain procedures will also require special training, which can be obtained from your technician or his supervisor. Heating systems that have not been serviced for a long period of time will have to run on shorter cycles, which can cause some minor issues.

You can usually find a furnace journal in your owner’s manual or online. Usually, you will be able to purchase the device from your local supplier of your heating system. When looking for this product, be sure to check its rating on a scale of A to Z. If you want the most accurate information possible, then choose a company that offers a long warranty and a money back guarantee. You should feel confident in their service and product.