How to Stop Corrosion From Dealing With Your HVAC Coil

In the last few years, the HVAC industry has made a lot of improvements to their evaporator coils and units. In the old days, the coils could not tolerate very much heat, and these types of coils had to be replaced over, causing further damage to the system. The evaporator coils are also susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion is when the metal gets brittle over time, and once this happens, the system can no longer operate properly.

Today, most HVAC systems are able to last for several decades without being replaced. A little bit of corrosion will take care of itself if it happens on the outside of the unit. It might seem like an easy fix, but the true challenge is that once the corrosion starts to happen, you’ll have to replace the whole unit. This can become very expensive and time consuming, especially for smaller installations.

Some HVAC contractors suggest a solution that takes a little bit longer but is much cheaper, and is to replace the evaporator coils. Instead of having to replace the entire system, you simply replace just one of the parts. The reason why this works is because a single coil only has to handle one half of the heat dissipation. The other half, or the total of the system, can be handled by the rest of the coil. If you replace just one coil, and the system has a lot of age on it, this means that you will need to replace two. The value of the money you save will vary from site to site, so if you aren’t sure about the cost of doing it yourself, consider contacting an HVAC specialist.