How to Stop Compressor Vibration

Compressor vibration is caused by the force of air rushing into the compressor. This airflow causes air bubbles to form on the inside of the van. This will allow air to get in and cause a lot of damage to the compressor. When air rushes in it causes the compressor to make noise, which is part of compressor noises that you will be hearing.

compressor vibration

There are a few ways to stop compressor vibrations. The first is to seal the compressor properly. You will want to make sure that the air intake to the compressor is properly sealed, which can be done by either using duct tape or rubber seals that are fairly inexpensive. If the air intake is not sealed properly then air will fill up inside the van and cause the compressor to make noise. It is also possible to seal the compressor with a special method, but this is best done when the van is new. A compressor with vibration problems will show signs of it as soon as it starts making noise.

The next thing to do to stop vibration is to make sure that the compressor is operating properly. Check all of the connections for leaks and loosen any tight screws that may be on the compressor. Sometimes it is impossible to determine if a screw has been tightened or not because sometimes it will be hard to find the screw. To determine if a screw is loose, you can use an orbital sander and use a layer of plastic over the screw. When you feel resistance from the screw, then that is a tight screw. If you don’t have an orbital sander, then you can use a screw driver to drive it a bit. Finally, you should check the compressor’s belts and make sure that they are tight.