How to Stop a Compressor Won’t Come On

Do you have a compressor won#39; to come on while you are using it? If you do, you might be able to stop it by following these simple steps. You will need a large opening for the compressor, a screwdriver, a long piece of flexible hose, a can of compressed air, and a pressure gauge. Begin by taking the compressor off of the ceiling or ground, and make sure that you disconnect the wire for the power supply.

Next, disconnect the power supply to the compressor. It is a good idea to have the power off so that you don’t burn up the fuel in the engine. Now disconnect the compressed air line from the compressor. Plug in the pressure gauge with the line attached. Make sure that you get an accurate reading. If it doesn’t measure anywhere near an equal pressure to the room that you live in, make sure that you adjust the gauge by tightening or loosening a few screws.

Now plug the pressure gauge into the wall outlet and reconnect the gauge to the outlet for the compressor. Plug the pipe into the outlet for the compressor. Repeat the above steps if necessary, until the hose comes off the end of the compressed air hose. Now you can start the compressor, start up the vehicle, and see if the hose comes on. If it does, all you have to do is unplug the outlet and connect the hose back onto the compressor and turn it on.