How to Remove Ice From a Condensing Unit

If you have a condensing unit and it has ice on it, you will need to remove the ice. Sometimes ice is a blessing in disguise, but other times it can be a menace. As you remove the ice from the unit, make sure that you leave the rest of the condensing unit, including the pan, in its place. The pan should be allowed to cool and then you can reinstall the condensing unit into its place.

If the condensing unit has a metal tube, then you may need to cut off the threaded end of the tube. If this is not possible, you will need to drill out the screw or unscrew the metal plate. If you have a pan, you may be able to save it by wrapping it with tape. This will keep moisture out of the pan, preventing ice from forming. After the condensing unit has been removed, you should also empty the water out of the condensing unit. You should never use boiling water, because it will only damage the heating element and will cause irreparable damage to the unit.

You should keep the unit away from heat sources when you are working on it because the water hose will get hot. If you use a can of compressed air, it will be less of a problem. When you are done with the water and the condensing unit is clean, you should get it reassembled correctly. If you have taken proper precautions, you should not have any problems with the condensing unit.