How to Prevent Your Water Compressor From Leaking Water

compressor leaking water

How to Prevent Your Water Compressor From Leaking Water

Is your compressors leaking water? Do you know what’s causing this? There are a lot of different reasons for your compressor to leak water. The most common of these is because of poor maintenance. If you keep your compressor in the garage, they can get dirty or ruined by the weather, or just by time spent outdoors. It can also be from improper tuning that can cause the leaky parts to be damaged.

Before you rush out and purchase a new compressor, it is important to take apart your compressor. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly to make sure that all of the oil and gaskets are clean. Then take the parts and give it a good shake to make sure that everything is still as smooth as possible. Then look for oil leaks. These can be in the radiator and the oil lines. You should also look for parts like the spark plug cables, the spark plugs, and the camshafts. Check them for any damage and look for cracks or damage on them as well.

If you find a water leak, it is important to stop the leak. You don’t want to keep fixing it and not actually solving the problem. There are a couple of ways to stop the leak. First you can pour hot water into the pipes and try to break the water into smaller droplets. This will help to loosen up the surface tension of the water and will eventually push it out.