How to Calculate Condenser Efficiency – Why You Need to Know It!

In order to compute the efficiency of your residential or commercial air conditioning system, the condenser efficiency is one of the most important calculations to be performed. This equation represents how many watts of energy are being consumed in cooling a room or space. You can calculate the energy usage of your system by first determining the size of the area of the rooms that you want to cool. Next, divide the area of the rooms into its length and width. The area factor is then multiplied by the ratio of the width and length, as well as the ratio of the rooms to the overall area of the building.

condenser efficiency calculation formula

The efficiency calculation formula for condenser efficiency is: Wattage/area = watts/area X square root of total square footage. In order to convert this equation to your efficiency calculation formula, multiply it by 1.15. This will give you the result in BTU’s. These are also commonly referred to as BTU’s per square foot or BTU’s per square meter. Finally, add the results of all of the previous efficiency calculations together and the formula will give you your rating. If your air conditioner is rated at 4 BTU’s per square foot, it will have a rated efficiency of sixty to eighty percent. An air conditioner rated at four hundred BTU’s per square meter will have an efficiency rating of seventy percent.

The value of your condenser efficiency greatly depends on the size of the condenser that you have and the installation method. Since the smaller sized condenser has a smaller and lower energy efficiency rating, if you install the condenser in an area where it is not often used, it will consume more power than a larger sized condenser. With the smaller sized condenser, you will need to use a larger fan to cool your area. Because of this, a larger fan will be needed to circulate air.