How the Right Compressor in the Signal Chain Affects Your Song Production

The most important requirement for any audio producer is that the compressor in the signal chain should be a good performer. Good performance should not be taken for granted. That is the point of a compressor. A compressor must be effective and must perform well in all applications and situations. Ideally, we have to think of the best performing compressor in our signal chain as the perfect one. All other compressors must meet this criterion. The point of the compressor is to compress high frequency sounds so that they do not dominate the mix and cause a large distortion.

A compressor must be able to handle a variety of different sound sources and be able to handle them without clipping. In most instances, the type of compressor is a very critical issue to the production engineer. Every bit of our work becomes dependent on the performance of the compressor. Unless you get the right compressor in your signal chain, it will affect how you mix and create the end result. It will also affect how well you create your mixes and come up with interesting ideas.

If you follow a single compressor in your chain, you are going to be in for some problems. You may either use too much of it, or you may just use the wrong type. It can get to the point where you need a new sound that cannot be created with the right amount of compression. This is when your song production skills and abilities will come into play. This is the very reason why you want to put in the effort of searching out the right compressor in your signal chain. If you are able to find the right compressor, you will be able to do much more than just put together a nice sounding song.