How it Works

A condenser is simply a device which heats a liquid by a coil that is insulated and the liquid is heated by the negative charge on the condenser coil. A condenser is ideal for those who want to heat an item without using an electrical heating source. Condensers are used by people who have an electrical space heater, particularly if they are preparing to renovate a room or they are planning to heat someplace else that is too cold.

The condenser consists of two halves, an outer coil and an inner coil. The outer coil heats the liquid. The inner coil draws the heat from the outer coil through a tube which is a point from the condenser’s back side to its front side. The tube has a coil with a copper wire that runs through it into the coil with the coil inside. When the coil absorbs the heat, it creates a magnetic field. The same type of coil is used in the size of the area where the item is being heated. The coil has to be able to fit the size of the area where the item will be.

The coil is attached to the body of the condenser by copper rings. The rings are usually made from gold or silver and they have to be heated by the coil of the condenser. When the coil is hot, the copper rings turn into wires and attach to the coil. The metal wire is heated by the coil, which starts the process of heating the liquid to the required temperature. The wires are usually pointed so that they create a strong magnetic field which draws the liquid towards them and the coil begins to warm the liquid.