How Do Condenser Or Dynamic Microphones Work?

There are two types of microphones, condenser and dynamic microphone function. The condenser microphone functions by the conversion of electricity to sound. It is also called as inductive or capacitor microphone.

condenser or dynamic microphone function

The condenser mic consists of a diaphragm and capacitor which are set in the base of the microphone. The capacitor serves as an amplifier to amplify the signals from the sound source. The condenser microphone is found in most of the modern music equipment. It is also used in consumer electronics and digital recorders like digital camcorders, digital DVD players and computers. It is highly popular because it produces audio signals without changing its sound in any way. The acoustic signal from the microphone is converted into an electrical signal which is then amplified by the capacitor.

On the other hand, the dynamic microphone function includes the unit which is called as dynamic microphone. In this microphone, the diaphragm is larger than the condenser. It is the smallest of all the microphones and the diaphragm has air in between it. The air prevents the condenser from working properly. There are two different types of microphones, dynamic and condenser. These are the main types of microphones used in professional audio industry and this is why it is very important to be very clear about the function of your microphone before you purchase a microphone.