How Condensing Unit Compressor Not Runs

There is a possibility that your condensing unit compressor not running may be caused by condensing fuel and other impurities entering your condenser. If you have a condensing unit that uses the gas as the main flow for heating and cooling, the condenser can gather large amount of gas and then release it into the condenser coil. This large amount of gas can cause condensation on the coils and can cause clogging of the coils. Sometimes, this can lead to freezing of condenser and also cause it to stop working completely.

There are many ways that condensing fuel will enter your condenser; one of the major cause for the impurities is through condensation from the condenser. When there is too much condensation inside the condenser, this will lead to poor working condition of condensing unit compressor. When there is condensation inside the condenser, it is important to clean the condenser so that the condenser coil will clear out all the excess water. In order to prevent clogging of the condenser coil, make sure that you clean the coils on a regular basis. There are some effective cleaning agents that can be used in cleaning up the condenser.