High Pressure Switch

An electric high pressure switch is a device that operates in conjunction with a high-pressure condenser. High pressure comes from electricity and it is also used to power some industrial machines. A normal high pressure switch only operates in the region of a high pressure condenser. In the event of a power surge, the condenser will overload and cause serious damage to the system. By installing a high pressure switch, this risk is eliminated.

Most high pressure switches are used for domestic applications. The switch is installed in the area where the high pressure current has a tendency to flow backwards, which is known as a reactive current. The high pressure switches are sensitive to such reactive currents because the switch will limit the high pressure current to prevent a build up of high voltage. Some situations in which the high pressure switch can be of assistance are in power surges in the house. The most common areas where these switches are used are in the household appliances. The main reason for the popularity of the household appliances is because they are simple devices that do not require any complex wiring systems.

The advantages of a high pressure switch are quite numerous. With these switches, there is no need to disassemble the high pressure transformer for installation. It also cuts down on installation cost and requires lesser space. This equipment is not only great for home use but it is also great for commercial as well. Although the units are manufactured for residential use, they can be modified for commercial applications.