Furnace Vent Covers

Heating and air conditioning units are fitted with furnace vent covers that are important as they protect the unit from being damaged by rusting, melting or dirt. It can be very risky for your unit to be in the elements of the weather. If the unit is left unattended it could experience serious damage to the motors, radiators and other parts. In this regard it is necessary to keep the unit in good condition. Without any covers the parts of the unit will become dinged up and will require some form of repair work. It is therefore essential to know how to maintain the units and to change the covers when required.

The unit needs to be vented or ventilated in order to remove unwanted heat or moisture from the house. The openings to this vent must be free from debris and must be made sufficiently large so that they allow air to flow freely. It is essential to ensure that the vents are clean and that there is no dirt or rust deposit in them. This is because the unit will then be more prone to rusting if there is debris in the vents. Once the unit is vented and has not been cleaned, it needs to be regularly maintained by the owner.

The blower vents should be cleaned at least every two months. A regular cleaning is also necessary to prevent the accumulation of rust and dirt. It is also advisable to change the covers at least once a year in order to keep the unit in good working order. The blower vent does not get exposed to the weather. This means that the unit is safe from the elements of the weather. This however will only be possible if the blower vent is clean and dry at all times.