Furnace Rock, Hiking, Camping

Furnace Mountain is a challenging day hike that starts from the lower parking area of Furnace Rock, continues on to the summit of Furnace Mountain, then back down to the parking lot. The hike itself is not that difficult, but does include several sections of climbing. It is an extremely rewarding experience for those who do it with the right group of friends. If you are looking for a day hike that is not too strenuous, then this is the trip for you. This hike can also be used for an advanced trail runner or mountain biker. This hike will get your blood pumping and will provide you with some good cardio.

furnace mountain

Furnace Mountain is also an excellent spot for hikers who want to enjoy some mountain biking, kayaking, or rafting. Kayaks can be rented from a number of places, and the trails are typically well shaded and not very rocky. When you are done kayaking and rafting, it will be time to take off down the creek and head for home. You can pick up a map and plan out a good route for your return trip. Make sure you check in with the campground and they will let you know if you can camp there.

As the weather gets colder, Furnace Mountain can become extremely cold and snowy, so bring plenty of extra layers. There is a great store for outdoor gear just outside the parking lot. This store also sells some nice clothing that you can use for your hike.