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Toby Conquest, co-founder of The Furnace Guy has worked for HVAC companies for a number of years. He started in the residential HVAC sector working in a large company as an apprentice electrician. Toby then moved into commercial HVAC service and work where he developed the business that is now known as The Furnace Guy. Toby Conquest was one of the first “HVAC Guys” to offer high quality services to residential customers. Toby was the first professional to use “Real Time Information” to track and record HVAC equipment in his shop. Toby also developed the “Furnace Dash” that lets clients see real time information about their furnaces.

furnace guy

Toby is considered to be one of the greatest HVAC guys in the world and has traveled the country speaking at schools and colleges about HVAC repair and maintenance. Toby also owns his own business where he provides a variety of services to residential and commercial customers. Toby has developed a system of doing HVAC repair and maintenance that have helped thousands of clients. Toby has many satisfied customers that are very happy with the services that he offers. Toby also does annual inspections on all of his equipment so that he can make sure that it is in good working order. Toby also offers a 24 hour emergency hot line.

One of the things that people are amazed by is the “Furnace Dash” program that Toby developed. It is a software system that allows users to view the status and condition of their furnaces. Toby also offers other HVAC maintenance and repair programs. The “Furnace Dash” program shows you the temperature and condition of the air ducts and duct work as well as the furnace filters. Toby also gives detailed information on how long each furnace has been running.