Evaporator Coils Is Freezing Up and Why Your Car May Not Start

In winter, the evaporator coils are frozen due to the cold air. When you are driving on the freeway, it is very difficult to go for long distances as the engine seems to get too hot. There is a common problem of the evaporator coils freezing up and this can be very dangerous as the temperature goes down. If your car suddenly becomes more difficult to control, there are certain things you need to look out for.

If your car starts getting uncontrollable acceleration, then it is best to check out the air filters of the car. If the air filters are fine then there is nothing wrong with the air filters of the car. The next thing that needs to be checked is the coolant. If the coolant is boiling, then there is a possibility that your coils are freezing up. The freezing may cause the air vents to be broken. This will make it hard for the driver to control the car. When the air vents are broken, the pressure from the exhaust can be extreme.

There are various things that can affect the coils. They include low pressure in the engine, low temperature in the coils, and bad temperature sensors. The most common symptom of coil freezing up is the radiators and tanks. When the temperature inside the radiator is low, the fluid becomes cold. The fluid is essential for heating the coolant. Therefore, if the coolant freezes in the coils, it becomes hard to control the car. You should check out the coolant and the coils to prevent any problem.