Evaporator Coil Dimensions

There are different types of condensate systems for the evaporation of water for the purpose of the evaporator coil. There are two kinds of condensate systems, the forced air system and the ventless condensate system. The forced air condensate system uses a coil of superheated water to circulate. The water is blown through the air at high pressure by the fan. With the exception of the turbine, the coil is the most important part of the system.

In the endless condensate system, pre-existing coils are used to heat the atmosphere surrounding the coil. The pressure in the atmosphere pushes the pre-existing coil off the coil’s surface, where it drops back into the environment. To prevent such an occurrence, special valves were developed to close the system. It is necessary to open the vents, if the climate requires it. For the initial planning of the coil, it is important to decide upon the size and shape of the main coil.

There are various methods of measuring the coil diameter, as well as the main coil. The size of the coil that can be utilized depends on the size of the condenser and the required electrical power to run the condenser. There are several recommended methods to measure the coil dimensions. The old methods used to be very inaccurate as they did not use the modern materials for measurement. Today, you can find devices that are able to measure the coil dimension easily and accurately.