Evaporator Coil Dimensions Is Important

Evaporator coil dimensions are very important in any home or commercial property. Whether you have a residential condominium unit or a large commercial building, your coil must be of the correct size to distribute heat efficiently. These types of coil make up much of your home’s air conditioning system. Without them, your cool air would not be able to get to the outside area.

evaporator coil dimensions

There are different types of condenser coils that come in three different sizes, ranging from single to multi-thousand gallon units. They are normally made of aluminum, steel or copper. When you think about condensing air in your home, you must keep in mind the size of the coil. This is because the size of the coil directly impacts how much air that it can contain. For example, if the air coming into your condensing unit has a lot of moisture in it, the smaller the coil will have a harder time controlling the temperature of the air and will cool off more slowly.

So when it comes to condenser coils, there are three basic sizes. The three are very popular and they each have their own place in the cooling cycle of your home. To get the right size for your home, simply measure the amount of air that will be passing through the coil during any given time. For instance, if you are using a 500 gallon per minute air conditioner, your home’s condenser coil must be one and a half times larger than this. The other two sizes are three times larger than the base unit, with the 600 gallon per minute being the largest. You will also need to measure your coil size to make sure it will fit within the capacity of your system.