Evaporator Coil Box Sealant

If you are in the market for a new evaporator coil box sealant, you are not alone. The general thought that evaporator coils are the most dangerous part of your furnace is quite simply not true. In fact, the common myth about evaporator coils is that they leak and cause power surges in the home. While these incidents do occur, the worst dangers of your evaporator are related to the seals that prevent moisture from accumulating in your coil and condenser coils.

On its own, evaporator coil box sealant will not solve all of your problems. It will not eliminate the possibility of your heat exchanger tank leaking or the condenser coil not working correctly. That being said, however, having evaporator coils sealed properly could dramatically reduce the chance of problems occurring. In addition, you will have less damage to the system from physical damage such as hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. Keep this in mind, when you do decide to purchase an evaporator coil box sealant.

When your evaporator coil has a leak, the water will gather in the coil and condenser coils. Once it is there, it can damage the components inside of the system. You will likely have a higher energy bill for the months of September through April because your furnace will not be producing enough heat during these months. Furthermore, if your evaporator has a burst, the leaks will damage your furnace’s control circuitry. The majority of damaged control circuits are repaired, but often the repair costs far exceed the original replacement cost. So, if you can find a way to lower the chances of your evaporator leaks, the replacement cost of the unit will be greatly reduced. This is where a sealed evaporator coil box sealant can help you with the cost and overall longevity of your furnace.