The Qavo QD75GX is a relatively new model from the Qavo line of compressors. Although Qavo has a long history of engineering excellence and reliability, this product is newer in the Qavo family. We were curious as to how reliable this new model really was and how it performed. We also wanted to see if the company’s reputation for reliability could be trusted when we considered purchasing this compressor from Qavo.

In order to find out about this new compressor we used several resources to determine what makes a reliable compressor. One of our sources for information was the Compressors News, an industry web site dedicated to compressors. The editors and writers at Compressors News cover all aspects of the world of compressors. They list the leading brands of compressors and their own reviews on those brands. For the Qavo QD75GX, they reviewed many other compressors of the same model to compare performance. A brief synopsis of their findings indicated that, although the Qavo QD75GX performed well, it was not the best on the market. It also was not significantly different than similar compressors, but it was definitely a good buy.

We then turned to Consumer Reports magazine for information on compressors. The magazine’s staff also included the editor-in-chief, who reviewed the Qavo QD75GX as part of their annual “Consumer’s Guide to Buying Appliances.” Based on this review, the Consumer’s Guide deemed the Qavo QD75GX a reliable and performing compressor. Although the Editors rated it only as average, it was a better-than-average performer and had a long warranty. The best part of the review was that the Qavo was rated as the best for power and acceleration. This was because of its low roar and smooth motion, and a quiet exhaust.