Dynamic Vs Condenser

The difference between a condenser and a dynamic can be in the placement of a fan. A condenser fan is designed to work alone and runs only on the flow of electricity. The opposite of this is a dynamic. It is designed to run with the flow of air or gas. Condensers do not usually need the use of a fan as they rely on the earth’s resistance to stop the flow of electricity in its tracks. They are small in size, portable and cheap to use.

It can be run with any amount of power to completely stop the flow of the electrical circuit. If you want to move the fan to different locations, a variable speed controller can be fitted to the fan. This is a very simple device and will allow the fan to run either way. There are a variety of speeds that can be set depending on the direction of the fan. These have been found to be a practical solution to many different problems.

A dynamic is slightly larger than a condenser. They require a box to be fitted around the base. The aim of this is to catch the heat of the radiator and transfer it into the air or gas. It has a reduced temperature and will run at a slower speed. This will save energy costs. Often the coils will be mounted onto a pole or fixed to the roof.