Does Your Zoni Condenser Dryer Not Turns?

In a Zoni Condenser Dryer it is important that the drum not turn or move too much. A drum that is not turning will cause a clog, and a clog is not what you want. If the drum becomes too hot, it will cause your clothes to burn. The heated metal will wear out and the clothes will have no where to go but to be shredded. That is why a Zoni is so much better than a cheap plastic type of dryer.

When you buy a Zoni Condenser Dryer you should get one with a warranty. That way if the drum of yours does not turn, it can be repaired for free. Otherwise the price you pay for the part could be higher than what you are paying for the repair of the drum. Also, if the drum did become stuck in the “on” position it can be a very difficult thing to get out, and in a Zoni, the two hooks at the top allow for easy access.

So, as you can see a Zoni Condenser Dryer is definitely better than the old fashioned models. One tip that you should keep in mind when you buy a Zoni is to read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly. In most cases, the manufacturer’s instructions will also include all the parts that you need to return the dryer in case it needs to be returned.