Does a Water Heater With Condenser Runs Incredibly Fast?

One of the most common question I am asked is whether or not a water heater with condenser runs constantly. Before answering this question, it is important to understand what constitutes running constantly. Running constantly for a water heater is defined as the water rising in one location after cooling off, that is, the water leaving the heating system is not hot enough to be effectively heated by the heating system. The water which has risen to the point of being hot enough to be utilized by the heating system, is still hot enough to continue to be heated by the heater’s heating coils.

A constant run means that the water levels inside the vessel are constant, when the vessel is opened and closed. This would mean that the water’s rise and fall would be the same for every time the heating system is turned on. As such, it does not have the temperature fluctuations which one would expect from a continuous run.

The question may be asked as to whether or not a constant run is really worth the additional expense of using the heater. The answer is yes, there are times when using the heater is more economical than using a different type of heating system. There are times where using a unit with a condenser makes sense because the heat produced by the unit is spread over a wider area. There are also times when using a water heater with a condenser is not efficient because the water rises too quickly to be effectively heated by the heating system. If you cannot tell the difference between a continuous run and a constant run, then it is better to use a system which does not have a condenser.