Do You Know About a New York Condenser Coil?

The most common condition of the boiler is the condenser coil. When the condenser coil is clogged with grit, dirt, or dirt particles that fall on it. This in turn becomes hot and may cause a fire. If you notice that the boiler starts to overheat, you should examine the condenser coils for grime, oil, and grease.

Another common occurrence is when a company issues an extension to the boiler. You must disconnect the boiler from the power source for safety reasons. Make sure that there is no excess grease on the condenser coil. This will prevent grease from working its way through the system and it will trap the hot steam and keep it from reaching the water lines. The water line can break as a result of the buildup of lube oil.

A mild amount of grease is not usually enough to cause a condenser coil to jam or fail. You must be careful when removing the condenser, because there is nothing worse than getting to work and have the condenser unable to operate. You need to determine if the grease is removed by using electrical grease remover or by using a brush with liquid. Liquid is easier to remove and also allows the grease to be washed away with soap and water.