Difference Between Condensing Unit and Compressor

There is a big difference between condensing unit and compressor. Compressors are devices that compress air into a gas form before it flows out of the device. This is done by using pumps. The pumps are very important for compressors because they take up some space, which makes the compressor’s interior smaller. But, it is just like a refrigerator, and the compressor becomes less efficient when the compressors pumps are not working properly.

A condenser works on the opposite way. It creates a constant pressure in a duct. The concept behind this device is very simple. The condenser creates a low pressure inside a wall. This low pressure leads to the flow of fluid into a nozzle. In turn, the fluid is changed into a gas. And, this is the reason why condensing unit or compressor is called as the condensing device.

The ratio of air to the volume of the working air intake is what is called as the volume ratio. This is a unit for measuring the amount of air going into the working part. Another parameter is the weight ratio which is another term for the air/weight ratio. It is an important factor because the unit is composed of two parts: the working part. In other words, there is a pressure difference between the working part and the working tube.