Condensing Unit Contactor

A condensing unit connector is a device that allows for the gas recovery of water and steam from a source of hot air or steam. A condensing unit is similar to a power wash and will include a reclamation unit that can help remove any corrosion or scale. In fact, they are similar in that they both re-use water and energy and are good at cleaning surfaces that have been saturated with chemicals and that need to be cleaned up.

The first step to getting the job done right is picking the right condensing unit connector. You will want one that is strong enough to handle the environment it is operating in. These products come in many different sizes to fit many different applications. The four major categories of these products are the plug-in, hardware, the pulley and the semi-rigid contacts.

Plug-ins work in that they plug into an existing outlet, either electric or water. This allows for an easy installation on the spot. Hardwires require a clean work area for installation. Semi-rigid plugs work very well in clean environments where you do not have to worry about construction issues or whether the soft metal washers are going to get caught up in the wheels. The last type of condensing unit contactor is the universal connector which is a great choice for those who are working with smaller spaces, but still require a superior cleaning solution. Each of these condensing unit contactors comes with a user manual and a warranty which should cover a full year of operation. They are definitely an investment to make to save your company money and to make sure you get the job done right.