Condensing Unit Buzzing

A condensing unit buzzing is one of the most annoying sounds that you can hear in your life. It can really make you sick to hear, especially in an office or work place. While it may sound as if there is something wrong with the machine, this is usually just a simple problem. The ringing is caused by overheating of the system. Basically, as the air is forced through the condensing unit, it moves faster than the air in the area that it’s currently working in.

condensing unit buzzing

The other problem with a condensing unit buzzing is when it’s not on. You may need to turn it on to make sure that it’s still running properly. This is why you want to make sure that you turn your machine off and unplugged every time before leaving the room. When the unit is on, it’s not an ideal situation for anybody to be around. Since condensing units are often a safety hazard, it’s a good idea to always turn them off before entering any room. If they’re being used by a power company or someone who works with them, however, it’s always a good idea to turn them back on to make sure that they are running.

If you do experience such problems, you’ll be able to turn it off by pressing the power button on the unit and then unplugging it. If you have several condensing units in the same area, you will probably be able to plug them all at once to turn them off. Then you can turn them back on by unplugging and re-plugging them. Usually, when your condensing unit is working correctly, you will not need to plug it in, but if it’s been overworked, you might want to turn it off.