Condensing Unit Breaker Keeps Tripping

condensing unit breaker keeps tripping

Condensing Unit Breaker Keeps Tripping

A condensing unit breaker keeps tripping if the temperature of the air in your ducts and sub-floor spaces is high. This can be caused by any number of factors, including: oil leaks, common condensation around the edges of doors and windows, leaking HVAC vent pipes or blowers, and simply old water heaters. Condensing unit breakers work by converting the energy of the hot air to low voltage that can then be used by your HVAC unit or window units. If the air temperature gets too high, the thermostat in your furnace will begin to signal that your furnace is in need of service.

When your condensing unit breaker starts to go off, check that there is no oil leak in your furnace or HVAC system. If you find a leak, have it repaired immediately. Also, check that all the vents are working correctly. Poor ventilation can cause a hot spot to develop which could also cause your condensing unit breaker to trip. Loose and worn down pipes, particularly those near the floor joists and underneath wall plates, can also cause the thermostat to trip.

Your HVAC system and your windows and doors should be in good condition. Check for proper wiring and make sure the ducts are well plugged and unplugged. You should also check the door seals, window seals, and cording used to connect them. Leaks should be patched or sealed before the condensing unit breaker keeps tripping.