Condenser Keeps Frozen

I keep seeing the condenser keeps freezing on my backpacking stove and when I see this happen I assume that it is happening because of the way the stove is set up, but what is the problem? Can you tell me the problem so I can take care of it? If you have an ice then it may be due to the condenser. There are a couple of ways to prevent the condenser from freezing, the first way is to buy a backpacking stove that has an ice tray.

condenser keeps freezing

It may be cheaper, but if you have an ice then you will need to have the condenser handy so you can use it. The second thing you can do is to fill up your tent with water at night and put your water filter on it. Make sure you bring extra filter tubes with you so you don’t run out. The last thing you can do is to try to defrost it before the night. You may need to defrost it by using a dehumidifier if you need it for a camping trip. The other thing that may cause it to get really cold is not enough ventilation on your stove.

If the metal is getting too hot, you can easily fix it by installing some metal fans. Most bookstores will have some type of fan built in but make sure you understand how to use it won’t cost you much. With a little extra money you can easily keep your condenser from freezing and have a much better cooking experience.