Condenser Glassware

condenser glassware

Condenser Glassware

Condenser glassware is a more durable alternative to glassware. It is made from an inexpensive glass which can be protected with a black enamel coating. Condenser glassware is usually placed in the most important serving dish on the table, although some choose to use the condenser on the side serving dish. This type of glassware is also used in the middle section of a buffet line.

Generally the more expensive condenser glassware does not have a black enamel coating. However, it may still come with a black finish. The enamel finish that this type of glassware has can be customized to give the best look for any individual. The different styles of this glassware that are available are usually a part of a set of several for a banquet or reception. In this case the choice is generally more than one style, the styles for a formal dinner would be different than the style used at a cocktail party. Many times, it is more practical to purchase the same style as one will be serving the meal with. In addition, there is always the option of buying a variety for guests who will be bringing their own condenser glassware.

There are various ways to give a black enamel coating to glassware, most commonly using certain home remedies. For example, using acrylic is a popular way to give the coating that will enhance the appearance of the glassware and can help extend the life of the item. Of course, some prefer to have a professional do the coating.