Compressor XA137 Review

compressor xa137

Compressor XA137 Review

This article is intended to be a quick review of the compressor XA137 machine. As a professional technician I have run through the machine in a number of environments and they have performed quite well. Not only can it easily perform at least 10 times more than comparable models but the HACCP ratings are the best I have seen in a condensing compressor so far. It also has a manual override valve which is a huge plus if you are running out of room in your ductwork for your secondary hoses. These are some of the main features that I look for in any machine.

I have worked with a number of the Compressor XA137 machines and I have had very positive experience with them. It is important to note that I am a technician and not a professional repairman. I am really impressed with the machine and there for I am willing to give a recommendation of this product. However, what does that mean? It means that I did not personally use it in my environment but I feel comfortable making a recommendation to my fellow technicians as I have seen that it performs well enough for them to believe it will perform well in their environment. The machine was also used in a high pressure industry and I felt comfortable recommending it to others in this type of industry. Although this recommendation is based on personal use, I do feel this represents my experiences with the machine.

Please check out the manufacturer’s website to view all the reviews they have received as well as their performance history. You may find that the author of these reviews was also a user of the machine and you may want to check those reviews out as well. If the information that is available on the manufacturer’s website is not satisfactory then I would recommend you check the review forums at the XA brand.