Compressor Volumetric Efficiency

VE (volumetric efficiency) is a measure of how many pounds of compressed air are being moved by the unit. It is determined by two methods. The first method is the maximum CFM rate and the second method is the percent of pressure that are actually being pulled up into the cylinder. Many of the air compressors can be used to calculate the coefficient of drag or frontal area.

compressor volumetric efficiency

If you want to know the current compressor volumetric efficiency of your particular model, then you will need to run your engine through a numerical computer program and do a certain calculation. The CFM of your engine is the number of pounds of compressed air that is moving through it every minute. If your engine is not using more than ten percent of its CFM each minute, then it should be doing a good job of distributing the air it is working so it can get to all of the places that it needs to go for it to be working at maximum efficiency. Calculating the COD percentage of your compressor is important as well. This is the result of the pressure and flow being taken out of the engine through the exhaust valves. There are many calculations that you can use to determine what COD percentage you should have for your compressor.

Compressor volumetric efficiency is very important to any engine. Using it will help you avoid having a compressor that is not using its full potential in order to provide all of the air that is required to run the engine. There are many different equations that can be used in calculating your COD and compressor volumetric efficiency, and if you are a bit of a geek, you can do some of your own. Be sure to keep up with the progress that you make, and then you will find that your engine will be running the way that it should and you will also be saving money on the fuel that you use to run it.